Disney released their WOW World of Wonder TV calibration Blu-ray disc to help home viewers adjust their HDTVs’ picture and
sound, with a nice set of video and audio tools. It earns our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award based on the calibration tools,
thorough instructions and easy-to-follow tutorials.

You don’t want your new HDTV to look like is just came off the Best Buy show room floor, with glaring ultra-whites and washed
out color. If you’re interested in getting the most out of your display, and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars in calibration costs,
the Disney’s World of Wonder Blu-ray will get you pretty close to perfection.

The bottom line: This is one of the finest home theater set-up DVDs especially for the user with practically no TV calibration
experience, delivering excellent tutorials about both basic concepts and more advanced subjects, and very good test patterns.
It does not contain the same extensive array of test patterns as found on other discs but it contains more than enough to carry
both basic and advanced system calibration.

“…WOW is just awesome.”

It’s usually money in the bank when Disney does something, and that’s exactly the case with the WOW calibration disc. Disney released this calibration disc to help installers and consumers calibrate their TVs for video industry specifications.

The Coolest Video Set-Up/Calibration Discs Ever?

“… WOW is, not surprisingly, the disc most intended for consumers; it’s packed with clear, useful tutorials and includes a helpful printed manual.”

“I begrudgingly admit this disc is fantastic.”

WOW: World of Wonder not only sets the bar for calibration suites available in high definition, it provides an as-yet-unrivaled home-video education on the nuances of properly calibrated audio and video gear, offers an extensive collection of smartly conceived tests and tools, and delivers it all via a helpful, user-friendly experience designed with a variety of users in mind.

Disney deserves kudos for presenting a plethora of video and audio calibration information and test patterns in an attractive and well-organized manner. For some time now, Joe Kane’s Digital Video Essentials discs have been the standard go-to discs for calibration. My biggest complaint with Digital Video Essentials, in its various DVD and Blu-ray incarnations, has been its labyrinthine navigation.

“Disney’s WOW disc is great for installers and home theater enthusiasts because of all of the collateral materials included in the package.”

One thing that needs to be said right off the bat is that this is a beautifully constructed interface. It’s very well organized and designed elegantly and will prove to be very user-friendly and accessible to anyone who spends a few minutes with it. With a subject like A/V calibration, this is important, and this disc succeeds quite well as such.

The Disney World of Wonder disc makes calibration so much easier. In terms of navigation, it wins hands down. There really is no comparison to anything that has been released before.

“The easy to follow on-screen guide are designed to help consumers get the best quality experience from their home theater systems by providing everyone from beginners and enthusiasts to experts and custom installers alike with valuable high quality calibration tools.”

“I was impressed by the quality of the explanations in this section: Disney has done a nice job of taking potentially confusing topics and presenting them in a clear, concise way that should behelpful to the average TV consumer.”